Cognito User Pool

Creating Table in DynamoDB

import boto3
import json
def lambda_handler(event, context):
dynamodb = boto3.resource('dynamodb')
table = dynamodb.create_table(
'AttributeName': 'username',
'KeyType': 'HASH'
'AttributeName': 'password',
'AttributeType': 'RANGE'
'ReadCapacityUnits': 1,
'WriteCapacityUnits': 1
return table.table_status

What is Cloudwatch?

Lambda functions can be triggered based on the events either synchronously and asynchronously.

Solutions Architect Associate Exam Topics

  1. EC2 (AZ, auto-scaling, load balancer, security group)
  2. VPC (subnet, NAT gateway, Bastion Host, Network ACL)
  3. S3 (different S3 classes, encryption, versioning, cross-region replication, lifecycle)
  4. RDS (multi-AZ, cross-region replication)
  5. Storage: Glacier, DynamoDB, Storage gateway, Aurora, ElastiCache, Redshift, EFS.
  6. Compute: Lambda, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk
  7. Networking: Route53, API Gateway, CloudFront
  8. Management & Monitoring: IAM, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, KMS.
  9. Analytics: Kinesis, Athena
  10. Applications: SQS, SNS.

Tips for the exam:


  1. Create a table in DynamoDB with a primary key
  2. Create a role that will have permission to work with DynamoDB and AWS Lambda.
  3. Create a function in AWS Lambda
  4. AWS Lambda Trigger to…



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