1. EC2 instances are virtual machines offered by Amazon to run your workloads. These instances can be spin up or down on demand and they come with a variety of different configurations in terms of hardware and software.
  2. EC2 runs multiple threads on a single CPU and each thread is also…

Cognito User Pool

Amazon Cognito Account Pools lets users build and manage a profile registry and provides sign-up / sign-in to smartphone or desktop apps. Users can use social or SAML-based identity providers to sign in to a User Pool. It provides millions of users with a secure, easy, low-cost alternative, and scales.

Creating Table in DynamoDB

This is an asynchronous operation. Upon receiving a create table request, DynamoDB immediately returns a response with a Table status of CREATING. After the table is created, DynamoDB sets the Table status to ACTIVE.

You can perform read and write operations only on an ACTIVE table.

import boto3
import json
def lambda_handler(event…

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is providing 12 months of Free Tier account to new subscribers to get hands-on experience with all the AWS cloud services.

In this AWS Free Tier account Amazon is giving no. of deferent services use with some of the limitations to get hands-on practice and more…

Lambda functions can be triggered based on the events either synchronously and asynchronously.

In this guide, We will learn how to trigger lambda functions using the Cloudwatch events.

If you’re new to the lambda function And Want to know more about Lambda function and How to Create Lambda function using AWS Console.

Invoking Lambda Functions
AWS Lambda functions can be invoked directly using the…

Amazon Aurora is a fully managed relational database engine that is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL. Aurora has high-performance storage sub-systems, Hence MySQL and PostgreSQL databases engines can take advantage of fast distributed storage. The storage can automatically go up to 64 TB. …


I just passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam and I want to share my experience and exam preparation tips with you. Currently, the platform has over 175 fully-featured services different services and new services are launching a day.

Solutions Architect Associate Exam Topics

  1. EC2 (AZ, auto-scaling, load balancer, security group)
  2. VPC (subnet, NAT…


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