Create a pipeline using AWS CodePipeline for Lambda deploy

3 min readApr 4, 2020

This Lab has the step by step instructions to create a CI CD pipeline for a Serverless Application Deployment — Lambda using AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS Lambda, AWS CodeDeploy & AWS CodePipeline.

Go to AWS CodePipeline and create a pipeline with the following configuration

Create a Pipeline

create pipeline
select source
build configuration
Deploy Configuration
Create a Role or select the previous role
Review Configuration

Add Approve & Execute Stage

Once the above pipeline is created, edit to add 2 more stages as ApproveChangeSet and ExecuteChangeSet

Select the ARN of the SNS topic you have created earlier in this Lab series

Run the Pipeline

We have 5 stages as Source, Build, Staging, ApproveChangeSet, and ExecuteChangeSet.
After the Build & Staging (after creating the CloudFormation ChangeSet), the pipeline is waiting on the manual approval.

Approval process

Based on our email configured in SNS Topic: Subscription, an email notification will be sent as follows and the user can launch the URL provided for Approve or Reject and approve it.

Once the Manual approval is completed, ExecuteChangeSet stage will be executed and the Lambda function is created through CloudFormation template




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