Creating Application in Hyperledger

Step 1: Outline your Business Network

$ yo hyperledger-composer

Step 2.1: Coding out our Business Network (models/test.cto)

namespace test
asset Account identified by accountId {
o String accountId
--> Customer owner
o Double balance
participant Customer identified by customerId {
o String customerId
o String firstName
o String lastName
transaction AccountTransfer {
--> Account from
--> Account to
o Double amount

Step 2.2: Coding out the Business Network (lib/logic.js)

* Sample transaction
* @param {test.AccountTransfer} accountTransfer
* @transaction
function accountTransfer(accountTransfer) {
if (accountTransfer.from.balance < {
throw new Error ("Insufficient funds");
accountTransfer.from.balance -= accountTransfer.amount; += accountTransfer.amount;
return getAssetRegistry('test.Account')
.then (function (assetRegistry) {
return assetRegistry.update(accountTransfer.from);
.then (function () {
return getAssetRegistry('test.Account');
.then(function (assetRegistry) {
return assetRegistry.update(;

Step 3: Generate the Business Network Archive (BNA)

$ composer archive create -t dir -n . 
$ composer runtime install --card PeerAdmin@hlfv1 --businessNetworkName test-bank
$ composer network start --card PeerAdmin@hlfv1 --networkAdmin admin --networkAdminEnrollSecret adminpw --archiveFile test-bank@0.0.1.bna --file networkadmin.card
$ composer card import --file networkadmin.card
$ composer network ping --card admin@test-bank

STEP 5: Expose a RESTful API

$ composer-rest-server

Step 6: Angular Front End

$ yo




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